Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Free at light

 so this the first time my poem has been  put online, so please read and tell me what you think : D.

           Free at light!
Living in my world of black and grey
There’s no colour in sight
My tormentors are like shadows
Yet I feel them around me
Like leaches they sap the life out of me
The chains of depression that bound me are as dark as night
Thoughts of suicide run through my head
But I’m assured it’s a waste of time because here, there’s neither dying nor living
I ask and scream night and night for there is no day here
Will any one save me? Can any one save me?
Suddenly a white bright light penetrates my world
And the wider it becomes the more I dare to believe
And then the greyness of my sadness flees at the sight of the light
My black depression disintegrates
My tormentors are nowhere to be found
And then the ruby red light of love hits me
The sapphire blue of peace shines upon me
The warmness of the amber yellow of joy envelopes me
And the emerald green of hope fills me in ways I couldn’t have imagined
Is this a dream? I ask myself,
I know the answer is nought
Because here dreams turn to dust
And then I dare to search for the source of this beauty
But needn’t look far or long
For there he is a brilliant white light piercing my darkness and taking my pain away
Light so bright it pervades the darkest corners of my world
His crown of gems radiating the colours I newly got acquainted with
His face so bright that but for the chains holding me steadfastly
 I would have shield my eyes at the sight of him
But then his face would have been hid from me
 And there for once I was grateful for those chains that held me
Because they stopped me from letting my humanity get in the way of seeing him
Of seeing his face, a face so holy, so peaceful, so full of joy and hope, it was surreal
And as his hand stretches before me I have but one thought “can this be real?”
And then I hear a voice sweeter than the chiming of wind chimes
More melodious than a thousand orchestras put together
Yet with greater authority than the thunder
And it replies ‘you called, I answered, do you believe?’
The question so evident in his eyes that now I know
I know I believe him, I know without a doubt that he is my saviour, my friend, my master
And that he is just and true
And with more conviction that I never thought was possible I reply ‘yes I do’
Yea our hands touch, nay they collide
And I feel a hole, a seal of his love for me.
The last of my chains break off
At this moment I feel myself being transformed, my world being renewed
 My sadness becoming joy
My desolation and despair vanishing
My nights receiving light
My greys turning into colours
My blacks becoming white
And then at the sight of him, I know
Yes I just know I am free.
Free at light!

                             The end.


  1. well, it's all so black and grey, this very place,
    yet these words in white, bring color to my face

  2. Good work something good always cum out from the sane one