Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Some people say friends are the family destiny forgot to give you
But I beg to differ, friends are the family that stand by you when family seems  far away.
They have your back and  tease your ass.
They're your parents, siblings, teachers and a host of others
They know your dreams and hopes but they also understand your fears.
You're never asked to be more than who you are but you're pushed to be a better you.
They manage to combine the thrill of discovery and the comfort of the known
They see the part of you the world is blind to, whether or not you want them to
They somehow  manage to see u with rose-coloured glasses seeing only your best even after knowing your worst
And when they leave, they leave you with a bittersweet feeling.
They leave you feeling  the warmth of their presence and yet the chill of their absence
You know deep within that you've hit the jackpot
You possess this great treasure they call "FRIENDS".

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