Thursday, 15 November 2012

I'm just a child

I agree i am a child
And i'm in no hurry to grow up
Quite frankly i won't have it any other way
I'll happily be called a child if being a child means seeing the good when others are blind to it
Forgiving people that hurt me and trusting them wholeheartedly
Loving like there is no tomorrow
Ignoring the imperfections around me and just choosing to live and smile 
Finding joy in the simple pleasures of life
Not expecting more from people than they are able to offer
Believing that there is always good in everybody
Laughing till my stomach hurts and laughing again
Being quick to smile and slow to be angered or saddened
Believing that God exists and He loves me very much
Believing everything happens for a reason and that reason is for my good
Just knowing things will work out
Believing the best things in life are free
Walking with  a wiggle in my step and talking with a giggle in my voice
Believing there is no problem without a solution
Believing i'll one day impact the world positively
Believing everyone was here for a reason
Believing dreams come true
Believing we love what we love cause its supposed to be part of  us
Believing that few of the best things in life are; a hug from your Dad, a kiss from your Mum, a smile from your sister, a laugh shared with your brother or/and the memories made with friends.

So if and only if these thoughts portray me as a child, i'll happily remain one forever
And continue to exist in this neverland I've grown accustomed to
And if you feel I delude myself, I beg of you not to shatter my illusion
Because I'd rather not grown up and miss being young forever.

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